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Innovative user process in the redesign of Argentinian Schools

News story / March the 16th, 2018

More than 70 participants, including teachers and directors from ten schools, architects and employees from six provincial governments and the Argentinian National Ministry of Education, are taking part in a comprehensive redesign process facilita…

Rosan Bosch Studio advises the Ministry of Education in Argentina

News story / March the 12th, 2018

The National Ministry of Education in Argentina is working in the redesign of the countries' public secondary schools with a vision of creating schools that support 21st Century Learning Skills.…

Outdoor exhibition space for Den Frie Centre of Contemporary Art

News story / February the 1st, 2018

Rosan Bosch Studio is one of the three design- and architectural firms that was invited to the competition of rethinking the foyer of Den Frie Centre of Contemporary Art.…

Space for creative thinking at NEW AARCH

News story / January the 28th, 2018

Rosan Bosch Studio has designed a proposal for spatial planning and use of interior spaces at the new school of architecture in Aarhus. Our proposal challenges students and employees to break thoughts of habit and inspires creative thinking.…

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