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European Schoolnet Eminent Conference

News story / November the 9th, 2017

Rosan Bosch is keynote speaker when representatives from the education industry across Europe meet on November 16 in Brussels at the annual EMINENT conference.…

Lecture at the Children's Food House in Copenhagen

News story / November the 6th, 2017

On November 14, Rosan Bosch is doing a lecture at Copenhagen Food House. Copenhagen Food House has since 2007 been working on creating a sustainable, healthy and lively food culture.…

We're looking for new interns!

News story / October the 27th, 2017

Are you keen to be challenged? Is your head bursting with fresh and creative ideas? Do you desire valuable work experience in the field of architecture, design and art, to supplement your ongoing studies and portfolio?…

Design as a source of knowledge

News story / October the 23rd, 2017

Thursday the 26th of October, Rosan Bosch will be at the Museu del Disseny in Barcelona giving a talk about design as a source of knowledge.…

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