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New Book: No More Class Rooms

News story / May the 15th, 2018

Future generations will get jobs that do not exist today. How do we design schools that prepare them for tomorrow – and not yesterday?…

TEDx Video: Designing schools children do not want to leave

News story / May the 11th, 2018

Schools today have a hard time motivating their students. Around the globe, the number of school dropouts is alarmingly high.…

We're looking for interns for autumn 2018

News story / April the 23rd, 2018

Is your head bursting with fresh and creative ideas? Do you want valuable work experience in the field of architecture, design, and art to supplement your ongoing studies and portfolio?…

Innovative user process in the redesign of Argentinian Schools

News story / March the 16th, 2018

More than 70 participants, including teachers and directors from ten schools, architects and employees from six provincial governments and the Argentinian National Ministry of Education, are taking part in a comprehensive redesign process facilita…

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