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Expedition for Education is going to India

News story / September the 20th, 2017

During the coming week, Rosan Bosch will be in India attending the TAISI Leadership Conference in Goa, where Rosan will be doing a talk on the 23rd of September on future education.…

How can design inspire change and development?

News story / August the 31st, 2017

Cristina Rocher, architect at the Studio, will speak at UIMP’s course ‘New pedagogies for times of perplexity’, taking place in Santander from the 4t…

We are part of the winning team for BørneRiget

News story / August the 24th, 2017

Playfully logic is the title of BørneRiget’s winning proposal, the new hospital in Copenhagen for children, teenagers and families under the vision of becoming the best in the world of its kind.…

How can design inspire us to become lifelong learners?

News story / April the 25th, 2017

Rosan Bosch will be speaking at the conference  “XXIV Jornadas Pedagógicas: Pedagogía 3.0 - Innovar para transformar” in Bilbao on 5-7th May 2017.…

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