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Campus Gentofte

What is the best place for a motivating study environment? The basement, of course!…
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A class room has been opened up and became part of the open corridor and learning environment / Photo: Kim Wendt

Bornholms Efterskole

The Danish free school Bornholms Efterskole is a pioneer of digital and project based education. Now, the school has an equally innovative interior design
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Green Screen / Photo: Kim Wendt

Copenhagen University Hospital

Rosan Bosch Studio has created a unique design solution for the Heart Center at Copenhagen University Hospital to improve quality and working environment
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High table in the Green Control Room / Photo: Kim Wendt


Rosan Bosch has created a working environment for LEGO® where development, play and creativity are integrated into the spatial design
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Walkway with slide / Photo: Anders Sune Berg

Vittra school Södermalm

Imaginative and colorful interior in historic setting. Rosan Bosch has created an inspiring setting for students and teachers at the Vittra school in the Stockholm district of Södermalm
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Library and study table/ Photo: Kim Wendt
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Design as a Communication Tool

News story / November the 11th, 2014

We at Rosan Bosch Studio are very proud of having signed a collaborative agreement with the VILLUM and VELUX Foundations, about a redesign and modernisation of the VILLUM and VELUX Foundations' entrance and waiting area in the historic building, w…

Rosan Bosch Studio is looking to hire a secretary for a part-time job vacancy starting ASAP

News story / October the 31st, 2014

We are in the midst of a range of large-scale design projects, with a main focus on a achool in Abu Dhabi and a hospital on the Faeroe Islands.…

Rosan Bosch Studio and COWI have been pre-qualified for the public tender SKOLE+

News story / October the 30th, 2014

We are very pleased to have been pre-qualified for SKOLE+, by Real Dania, Lokale & Anlægsfonden and Kræftens Bekæmpelse, in collaboration with COWI Engineers.…

Meet Rosan Bosch at the Danish Association of Art Critics' next member event

News story / October the 30th, 2014

How can industrial design benefit from Art? And how can Art benefit from industrial design?…

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