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Rosan Bosch highlighted in book by design critic Alexandra Lange

News story / July the 5th, 2018

The latest trend in school design is all about options for the students, says the prominent design critic Alexandra Lange.…

Interview watched by 500,000: Unleash creativity in schools

News story / June the 29th, 2018

“If we develop a learning context, that allows each child to unleash all their potential – imagine what a society we could live in.” – Rosan Bosch…

Charles Brooking's unique collection of windows at VILLUM Window Collection

News story / June the 9th, 2018

Wall of Windows presents highlights from Charles Brooking's comprehensive window archives. For the next two years, the collection will be displayed at VILLUM Window Collection, where Rosan Bosch Studio has added a new exhibition area.…

New manual: When the vision moves in

News story / June the 4th, 2018

Grand visions easily become elusive in a construction process. Therefore, we have developed a quality system that translates the visions to impact goals and maintains all parties on the construction’s ambitions.…

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