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”Building the schools of tomorrow” Euronews – Learning World (TV)

”Sweden debutes first classroom-less school” CBS - Smartplanet

”Is Sweden’s classroom-free school the future of learning?” Good Magazine

"Notre école, elle est mieux qo'un parc d'attractions!" Doolittle Magazine, juni 2012

”Die Schule der Zukunft ist ein Creative Space für die Wissensarbeiter von morgen” Trend Update – Das offizielle Monatsmagazin des Zukunftsinstituts

”Stockholm’s school without classrooms” Architizer

”The Vittra School Does Away with Traditional Educational Architecture” Trendhunter

"Vittra Telefonplan" INA International New Architecture (Kina)

"A miniature world, Vittra Telefonplan in Sweden" Interior Design & Construction, april 2012 (Kina)

"Vittra Telefonplan" Interior World, 2012 (Korea)

”Unconventional School Without Walls” My Modern Metropolis

”Imagine a school with no classes or classrooms and you’ll be imagining a design challenge assigned to Danish studio Rosan Bosch.” Frame Magazine

”Vittra’s new kind of school” Indigo Magazine

"School Without Walls Fosters A Free-Wheeling Theory Of Learning!" Fast Company Design, 2012

”A remarkable place for differentiated learning” Homedit

”Reinventing the schoolhouse” EcoSalon

”Vittra Telefonplan interior by Rosan Bosch”  Zilla Magazine

”Skola utan klassrum” Arkitektur

"Inga klasser - Inga väggar" RUM magasin



”School house with no walls by Rosan Bosch” Inthralld

”Vittra Telefonplan by Rosan Bosch” Archdaily

An innovative Swedish school and its philosophy Ed Lab Columbia University

"Rosan Bosch, Vittra Telefonplan" Aruipixel

"Vittra Telefonplan, Rosan Bosch" SocializArq

”Vittra School interior by Rosan Bosch” Yornet

"What desk? What classroom? What the heck?" archKIDecture

"Designing Learning Enviornments for the Next Century" Hugewindow

"Swedish School System Goes Clasroom-Free" Teachability

"Designing Space to Facilitate Creativity and Collaboration" Baykidsmuseum

”A school with no walls” Knstrct

"Vittra Telefonplan School” Afflante

"School Without Classrooms in Stockholm | Rosan Bosch" Arch/dez/art

"Vittra school in Sweden Interior" Interior Galore

"Vittra Telefonplan by Rosan Bosch" Miss-design