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Copenhagen University Hospital

Rosan Bosch Studio has created a unique design solution for the Heart Center at Copenhagen University Hospital to improve quality and working environment
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High table in the Green Control Room / Photo: Kim Wendt

New hospital fit out on the Faroe Islands (Work in progress)

The local builder LANDSVERK is looking to build a new state of the art 10.000 m2 hospital building a…
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Large-scale school project in progress (Work in progress)

Rosan Bosch Studio is well under way with a comprehensive design project for The Sheikh Zayed Academ…
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Rosan Bosch has created a working environment for LEGO® where development, play and creativity are integrated into the spatial design
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Walkway with slide / Photo: Anders Sune Berg

Campus Gentofte

What is the best place for a motivating study environment? The basement, of course!…
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A class room has been opened up and became part of the open corridor and learning environment / Photo: Kim Wendt

Bornholms Efterskole

The Danish free school Bornholms Efterskole is a pioneer of digital and project based education. Now, the school has an equally innovative interior design
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Green Screen / Photo: Kim Wendt

Campus Viborg (Work in progress)

Campus Viborg elaborates on formal and informal learning spaces, for students to thrive from everyda…
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Vittra school Södermalm

Imaginative and colorful interior in historic setting. Rosan Bosch has created an inspiring setting for students and teachers at the Vittra school in the Stockholm district of Södermalm
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Library and study table/ Photo: Kim Wendt


Design manifests values in the physical work environment at Nordic Cryobank
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VILLUM Window Collection (Work in Progress)

Engaging exhibition concept by Rosan Bosch Studio tells the story of the window in an immaginative a…
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Rosan Bosch Studio is to realize the visions behind the public library in Kolding

News story / January the 28th, 2015

Drivingforces behind the library believe that the future role of the library in Kolding is to imitate the functions of a modern community centre, setting the framework for community, knowledge creation and immersion.…

Experience Rosan Bosch Studio’s creative learning environments at Didacta-die Bildungsmesse in Hannover 2015

News story / January the 27th, 2015

Rosan Bosch Studio's creative learning environments are one of the main attractions at Didacta-die Bildungsmesse. At the Educational Trade Fair, one of it's biggest of it's kind, a special exhibition area has been designed, allowing visitors to ge…

The Window-Magazine

The color-spectra of daylight on display in VILLUM Window Collection

News story / January the 7th, 2015

An update from VILLUM Window Collection sees the 'window-magazine' - giving visitors access to up to 90 window-designs on display in the exhibition - being f…

Rosan Bosch to design a new experience design for VELUX

News story / December the 10th, 2014

The VELUX Collection has communicated the history behind the company - the values, the culture and the founder Villum Kann Rasmussen since the exhibition was inaugurated in 1981.…

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