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Meet Rosan Bosch at this year's SCHULBAU Messe 2016 in Cologne

News story / July the 14th, 2016

Rosan Bosch is one of the main Key Note Speakers on the opening day of the SCHULBAU Messe 2016 in Cologne, on September 15th 2016.…

The Sheikh Zayed Academy for Boys inspires future schooldesign in Korea

News story / July the 7th, 2016

Rosan Bosch Studio's groundbreaking schooldesign for the Sheikh Zayed Private Academy in Abu Dhabi has generated an overwhelming media interest worldwide.…

The national hospital in the Faroe Islands Landssjúkrahúsið is looking for visionary artists and artisans

News story / July the 7th, 2016

The National Hospital of the Faroe Islands Lands sjúkra - húsi› in Tórshavn will have a new building in 2020 named H-bygningurin.…

Technology meets educational spaces at Viva Technology Paris 2016

News story / June the 21st, 2016

@VivaTech Paris is the new inspiring and global event, which brings together the world’s most innovative start-ups with the major global players in digital transformation. An expected 30,000 entrepr…

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