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A warm welcome to our new Head of Process & Design Thinking

News story / August the 25th, 2016

Valinka Suenson joins Rosan Bosch Studio as Head of Process & Design Thinking.…

Villum Window Collection is nominated for the Northern Lighting Award 2016

News story / August the 24th, 2016

In the fall ten projects from the Nordic region will be competing for the Nordic Lighting Design Award 2016.…

KulturØen in Middelfart reopens as the 'Island of Temptation’

News story / August the 15th, 2016

This week KulturØen reopens as a Wonderland, filled with surprises, buffoonery, fairytale features, music, new discoveries and plenty of temptations.…

Catalan newspaper ARA interviews Rosan Bosch about educational spaces

News story / August the 1st, 2016

What will the classroom of the future look like?…

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