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Meet Rosan Bosch at the INSIDE World Festival of Interiors 2016 in Berlin

News story / November the 9th, 2016

The Sheikh Zayed Private Academy in Abu Dhabi by Rosan Bosch Studio has been nominated for an INSIDE award in the Education and Healthcare category.

Rosan Bosch Studio is looking for new interns for spring 2017

News story / November the 9th, 2016

Are you keen to be challenged? Is your head bursting with fresh ideas and do you aspire to make a difference in the world?…

'Classrooms for learning' should be everywhere

News story / October the 11th, 2016

'Learning not only takes place inside the classroom, but also happens when we interact with other people. Learning situations do not only happen in schools, but also in public parks, libraries and cultural centres.…

Changing Education with Design

News story / October the 6th, 2016

'The core challenge when speaking about creating optimal conditions for learning, is that our society develops in one direction, while our schools are kind of frozen at a point that is far away from that direction', says Rosan Bosch in an…

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