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The physical learning environment matters, says Rosan Bosch at "Miradas hacia el cambio" in Mallorca

News story / May the 27th, 2016

Today, Friday 27th, Rosan Bosch will participate as an international guest speaker at the Congress "Miradas hacia el cambio' in Mallorca.…

Co-organizing collaborative event in Madrid today: "Design in education matters!"

News story / May the 24th, 2016

How to create the most innovative thinkers of tomorrow?

Rosan Bosch joining peoples breakfast in Spain

News story / May the 19th, 2016

"Modern schools have to adapt to the fact that our brains works differently. In this aspect, the design of the physical learning space can change the way of thinking, working and acting, " says Rosan Bosch in this weeks El País Semanal.…

Photo: Kim Wendt

Innovative school project on ArchDaily

News story / May the 12th, 2016

We are proud to see one of the worlds leading architecture blogs, ArchDaily, publishing our innovative school project for the The Sheik Zayed Academy in Abu …

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