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Ideas are the currency of the future

News story / September the 21st, 2016

'You don't teach children to be creative, children are born creative. It's the school's most important task to nurture creativity and not stifle it. But today an outdated and bureaucratic school system teaches children to loose their creativity.…

Meet Rosan Bosch at this year's SCHULBAU Messe today in Cologne

News story / September the 20th, 2016

Rosan Bosch is one of the main Key Note Speakers today at the opening of the SCHULBAU Messe 2016 in Cologne.…

The COGESTEC 2016 conference puts a spotlight on design and innovation

News story / September the 19th, 2016

@RosanBosch is one of four world experts at the COGESTEC 2016 conference in Bucaramanga, Columbia, speaking about trade, innovation, design and super cities. Read more about the conference here and watch R…

Expedition for Education in San Luis, Argentina

News story / September the 13th, 2016

Rosan Bosch and Senior Architect Matias Grez is currently touring the San Luis province in Argentina, as part of an Expedition for Education in South America.…

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