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Rosan Bosch has created an innovative vision of the library of the future
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Twisted bookshelf / Photo: Laura Stamer


Vittra Telefonplan in Stockholm has attracted attention from around the world with its imaginative a…
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Organic sitting island for working with laptops / Photo: Kim Wendt


Unique exhibition tells the story of the window as provider of access to light, air and view.
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The Time Tunnel


Rosan Bosch has created a working environment for LEGO® where development, play and creativity are integrated into the spatial design
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Walkway with slide / Photo: Anders Sune Berg

The Children's Library in Billund

Rosan Bosch Studio has created an innovative learning environment at the Children's Library in …
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Liceo Europa

Liceo Europa leads the way in education for 21st century learners through an innovative new preschoo…
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Mountain cave / Photo: Kim Wendt


Rosan Bosch has created a new inspiring, imaginative and colourful interior for students and teacher…
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Graphics used in the project / Rosan Bosch Studio

Løkken Library celebrates the inauguration of a new interior fit-out

News story / April the 18th, 2016

The new building fit out of Løkken Library is a consequence of a reallocation of the library facilities to the local school, as part of a master plan aiming to create synergy between the library, the school and Løkken Culture house. The project ca…

Moving to a new location

News story / April the 13th, 2016

Rosan Bosch Studio expands with a growing number of projects in Denmark and internationally. We are thrilled to experience how our company portfolio develops.…

Two of Rosan Bosch Studio's projects have been nominated for the Danish Design Award 2016

News story / March the 31st, 2016

The category ‘Better Learning’ is awarded solutions that lead to new ways of learning and educating.…

Rosan Bosch in Spanish newspaper Heraldo de Aragón, 'Let's not destroy children's creativity in school’

News story / March the 21st, 2016

There is no need to encourage creativity in children. They have it naturally.

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