6 design principles workshop

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Creativity is the most important currency of the future. Learn how to transform your school into a differentiated learning environment based on Rosan Bosch Studio's '6 Design Principles Workshop' about the design of creative chools

6 design principles workshop

Teaching & institution
year 2016

'The 6 Design Principles' workshop consists of an inspirational talk and a workshop, with a focus on giving participants an appreciation of the untapped potential of the physical learning environment. Participants will be introduced to the design thinking process behind the design of a Rosan Bosch school and will equip them with the necessary toolbox to work with the design of the physical learning environment as an active learning tool for learning development.

The workshop touches upon the following topics:

The need for a paradigm shift in education, from passive to active learning and how the physical learning environment can support and inspire this change.

The concept of design as a tool for change and the physical learning environment as a ‘third teacher’.

The role of space and how it can influence children’s curiosity and love of learning.

The 6 design principles that guide the design of a Rosan Bosch school and the differentiated learning environment as a prerequisite for educating curious, creative and critical thinkers in a 21st century context.

Why the design of the physical space can work against the pedagogical ideals and intentions in a school and the importance of the integration of the educational methodology, the organizational principles and the physical space.

Facilitate debate on the implementation of change into the physical learning environment, subject to financial limitations, scope and scale of a school.