The Fensmark School

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How can design be used as a tool to improve communication and make the day less stressful at a school for children with autism spectrum syndrome?

The Fensmark School

Featured / Teaching & institution
year 2017

The Fensmark School wanted a new arrival and waiting area that could help ease the pressure in a high-traffic zone and make life easier for students and teachers. When 100 students and 100 teachers arrive and depart from the school everyday, the stress level is high in the arrival and waiting area that serves as a hub to the rest of the school.

Rosan Bosch Studio has developed an innovative communications and design concept in the arrival and waiting area. The studio has designed a unique custom designed furniture with differentiated spaces, developed specifically to support the children’s individual social and physical needs.

Rosan Bosch Studio also developed a new overall visual communication strategy, focussing on simplicity, logic and a 'green line'. Now teacher/student communication centres on different colour coded frames in the room. The outside has been drawn into the room in the shape of a green line that ties together the design concept across the room. Custom graphic elements based on 'PECS' symbols now help the children to recognize the functionality hidden between the different doors in the room, and eases navigation onto the rest of the school.

The result is a waiting area with spaces for play, social interaction and at the same time privacy. The design is a high quality ‘state of the art’ solution that is based on inspiring and inviting forms and colours, taking into account acoustics, durability and cleanliness in a school, where not two days are ever alike.