Conversation pieces Chile 2013

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Rosan Bosch Studio has created a series of artistic installations as part of the official Danish business promotion and state visit to Chile March 2013

Conversation pieces Chile 2013

Exhibition & Art / Business & Enterprise
year 2013

The conversation pieces are artistic installations to replace the conventional floral table decorations at the official business luncheon at the state visit to Chile.

The pieces have been created by Rosan Bosch Studio in collaboration with designers from Kolding School of Design for the Danish Agency for Culture, The Danish Ministry of Culture and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark.

"We call them "conversation pieces" because they invite to a different kind of dialogue across the tables. Art speaks its very own language and the aim is to offer a different and creative take at the campaign themes of sustainability and green technology".

The Project is part of an arts and business collaboration between Confederation of Danish Industry, Danish Agriculture and Food Council, Danish Export Association, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark, Ministry of Culture, the Danish Agency for Culture and supported by the Foundation for Marketing of Denmark.  

The State of Green brand and its supporting activities are aimed at strengthening international awareness of solutions and competencies of Danish business and industry.