Cristina Rocher

Cristina Rocher


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PHONE: +45 33791939 / +34 665 349 388

Cristina’s main focus is on how to use design as a tool for innovation - especially in relation to educational and learning environments. She has a profound knowledge on how to create inspiring and motivating learning environments that changes how we normally understand a traditional learning space. She draws on experiences from her many years working as a teacher in Madrid and she is a highly skilled workshop facilitator for both children and grownups. From her many years of working with learning environments she brings a great understanding of the daily routines of the school environments for children, whether it’s for small children or big teenagers. As an architect Cristina has an excellent understanding of materials and colors, and she brings a warm and human approach to her designs. Her ideas are characterized by round forms always with a bodily and tactile experience embedded in the design. Based in our office in Copenhagen Cristina is working on educational projects in Spain and Germany among others. She completed her studies in Madrid and Portugal where she first discovered her big passion for Architecture and Education. Moreover, Cristina has complemented her architectural training with several courses in both Spain and Finland adding new perspectives and insight knowledge of learning environments from all over the world. Her Spanish background and worldwide knowledge makes Cristina to our key person regarding our Spanish and Latin American projects.