Changing education with design

News story / October the 6th, 2016

'The core challenge when speaking about creating optimal conditions for learning, is that our society develops in one direction, while our schools are kind of frozen at a point that is far away from that direction', says Rosan Bosch in an…

LICEO Europa in Zaragoza, Spain

Three typologies for flexible schools of the future

News story / October the 4th, 2016

More than ever before the school's ability to nurture children's creative abilities is in focus, as well as the impact of the physical learning environment on the student's academic achievements.…

Christmas card from Rosan Bosch Studio

/ December the 10th, 2015

Small cave / Photo: Kim Wendt


Project / 2012

Rosan Bosch has created a new inspiring, imaginative and colourful interior for students and teachers at Vittra Södermalm in Stockholm

Rosan Bosch Studio reaches out to the Spanish speaking people

News story / May the 29th, 2015

Today we celebrate the launch of with an article by Huffington Post ES about Rosan Bosch Studio from April 30th 2015.…

Campus Viborg

News story / August the 21st, 2014

VIA University College has initiated the redesign of the main entrance and common area at Campus Viborg which blurs the lines between formal and informal learning spaces. Ambitions behind the project sees students from four different educational p…

Rosan Bosch Keynote speaker at GO! Onderwijs van de Vlaamse Gemeenschap’s 25th anniversary party at Tour & Taxis in Bruxelles.

News story / August the 21st, 2014

GO! schools and institutions has invited teachers, school leaders, school personnel as well as local politicians to celebrate it's 25th anniversary. GO!…

Wired Magazine: Sweden's new school for a digital generation

News story / March the 26th, 2014

“Pupils at Vittra Telefonplan (…) don't trudge into a classroom -- they log on to the web and see what instructions their teacher has put online.” This is how the popular Wired Magazine writes in the March issue…

TEDx Video: Designing for a better world starts at school

News story / November the 18th, 2013

Rosan Bosch has presented her big idea during the TEDx conference 2013 in Indianapolis. With the design of the Swedish free school, Vittra Telefonplan, as a…