Catalan newspaper ARA interviews Rosan Bosch about educational spaces

News story / August the 1st, 2016

What will the classroom of the future look like?…

The Sheikh Zayed Private Academy is nominated for a 2016 INSIDE Award

News story / July the 25th, 2016

INSIDE’s prestigious awards pitch the planet’s most exciting designers against each other to find the finest interior space of the past year. The Sheikh Zayed Private Acad

The Sheikh Zayed Academy for Boys inspires future schooldesign in Korea

News story / July the 7th, 2016

Rosan Bosch Studio's groundbreaking schooldesign for the Sheikh Zayed Private Academy in Abu Dhabi has generated an overwhelming media interest worldwide.…

The national hospital in the Faroe Islands Landssjúkrahúsið is looking for visionary artists and artisans

News story / July the 7th, 2016

The National Hospital of the Faroe Islands Lands sjúkra - húsi› in Tórshavn will have a new building in 2020 named H-bygningurin.…

Technology meets educational spaces at Viva Technology Paris 2016

News story / June the 21st, 2016

@VivaTech Paris is the new inspiring and global event, which brings together the world’s most innovative start-ups with the major global players in digital transformation. An expected 30,000 entrepr…

Big waves support synergy between the local school and the municipality at Løkken Central Library

News story / June the 20th, 2016

Library design like you have never seen it before supports ‘out of the box’ thinking about content curation and exhibitions about local produce and cultural heritage in an innovative learning environment at Løkken Central library.…

Spaces for Innovation

FRAME releases new publication 'Spaces for Innovation - the Design and Science of Inspiring Environments' covering Rosan Bosch Studio’s innovative school design

News story / June the 8th, 2016

'Spaces for Innovation – The Design and Science of Inspiring Environments'  is a research-based book about the relationship between the physical design of working environments and levels of creativity and innovation, written by Kursty Groves and O…

The design of the classroom supports the student's ability to learn

News story / June the 8th, 2016

The design of the classroom also provides school learning, says Rosan Bosch in a interview with newspaper El Mercurio, the main Newspaper in Chile with distribution throughout the country.…

Cutting edge school design like you have never seen it before

News story / May the 31st, 2016

'This has got nothing to do with any other school you have seen until now. A complete revolution where the physical design of the learning environment supports a deep pedagogical change.

The physical learning environment matters, says Rosan Bosch at "Miradas hacia el cambio" in Mallorca

News story / May the 27th, 2016

Today, Friday 27th, Rosan Bosch will participate as an international guest speaker at the Congress "Miradas hacia el cambio' in Mallorca.…