An archipelago of knowledge, culture and experiences

News story / March the 5th, 2015

For a long time, driving forces behind Kulturøen in Middelfart, Denmark, have been hoping to gain more exposure, and to create a strengthened community and identity between the different cultural institutions in house, with a view to bring more li…


Inauguration of creative learning environment at Campus Viborg

News story / March the 1st, 2015

The design adds colour and shape to the school’s ambitions to offer students a campus environment that doubles as both a social meeting place and a motivating learning environment.…

Rosan Bosch Studio engages in strategic design thinking with public service partners

News story / February the 5th, 2015

Progress was made on the design strategy for the future role of Kolding's new public library, as Rosan Bosch Studio facilitated a workshop at the library on Monday this week involving key staff members.…

Rosan Bosch is designing new nurseries in London

News story / February the 3rd, 2015

Rosan Bosch Studio has embarked on an endeavour with a private, London-based enterprise aiming to design a new 21st century nursery & preschool concept, with a focus on the learning environment as a strategic tool, based on a brand with local …

Designing the visions behind Kolding's public library

News story / January the 28th, 2015

Driving forces behind the library believe that the future role of the library in Kolding is to imitate the functions of a modern community centre, setting the framework for community, knowledge creation and immersion.…

Experience Rosan Bosch Studio’s creative learning environments at Didacta-die Bildungsmesse in Hannover 2015

News story / January the 27th, 2015

Rosan Bosch Studio's creative learning environments are one of the main attractions at Didacta-die Bildungsmesse. At the Educational Trade Fair, one of it's biggest of it's kind, a special exhibition area has been designed, allowing visitors to ge…

The Window-Magazine

The color-spectra of daylight on display in VILLUM Window Collection

News story / January the 7th, 2015

An update from VILLUM Window Collection sees the Window Magazine - giving visitors access to up to 90 window-designs on display in the exhibition - being fin…

Rosan Bosch to design a new experience design for VELUX

News story / December the 10th, 2014

The VELUX Collection has communicated the history behind the company - the values, the culture and the founder Villum Kann Rasmussen since the exhibition was inaugurated in 1981.…

What makes you feel safe? (Competition)

News story / December the 9th, 2014

The physical surroundings have an immediate impact on the level of stress to the body. 

Design manifests values in the physical work environment at Nordic Cryobank

News story / December the 7th, 2014

Design as a tool for development can create a work environment which is not only functional and inspiring, but also manifests the brand and identity in the physical surroundings.