(     About Rosan Bosch     )

Rosan Bosch Studio is a creative, Copenhagen-based company, working with interdisciplinary projects through art, design and architecture.

I) About the Studio

Rosan Bosch Studio is a creative, Copenhagen-based company, working with interdisciplinary projects through art, design and architecture. The driving force of the company is the experienced artist Rosan Bosch who has worked professionally with art, design and architecture for almost 20 years.

Through interdisciplinary projects, Rosan Bosch uses creativity as a tool for innovation and change, questioning deep-rooted cultures and traditions, creating space for new ways of thinking and acting.

II) About Rosan Bosch

As a Dutch-born artist, Rosan Bosch has had an international launch pad for her professional work. She is partly educated at Hogeschool voor de Kunsten, Utrecht, Holland, and partly at Universitat de Bellas Artes, Barcelona, Spain, and has for many years lived in Spain and Belgium, among other places. She now lives in Copenhagen with her husband and two boys. From 2001-2010, Rosan Bosch was cofounder and partner of the art and design company Bosch & Fjord, which was a professional cooperation between Rosan Bosch and Rune Fjord. 

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Over the years the work of Rosan Bosch have been featured prominently in a long list of world known media. Several written newspapers, books, magazines and electronic platforms have published interviews, pictures and videos about the educational and developing projects by Rosan Bosch. Among other media can be mentioned The Guardian, Frame Magazine, Wallpaper, ArchDaily, BBC, CNN, and Euronews. 

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·      Further more Rosan Bosch has published three books, which present a selection of her projects and exhaustively describe her humanistic design approach  


Rosan Bosch is a frequent speaker at conferences, seminars and professional events around the world. She has presented her “big idea” at TEDx in Indianapolis 2013, she has been keynote speaker at Hong Kong Business of Design Week 2012 and at the big design event 100% Design in Singapore same year. London and Stockholm are also among the places, where Rosan Bosch often has presented her thoughts and ideas - besides numerous of places in Denmark. She has furthermore provided lectures at selected educational institutions, including Hong Kong Design Institute, The Design Academy Eindhoven and School of Architecture in Copenhagen.