James Alec Ho

James Alec Ho



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PHONE: +45 3379 1939
MAIL: jh@rosanbosch.com

James Ho has a well-grounded international background and is an experienced architect in concept development and building design proposals with the ability to communicate and share his architectural designs both verbally and visually with quality and clarity in his own graphical style. 

Component details and tectonics are a key factor in his design approach and where his architectural curiosity lies. As an architect James believes in the upmost importance in the correlation of an architectural concept to be present at a range of scales - from component to building and from building to the larger contextual fabric of the proposal.

James expresses his architectural thoughts and resolves architectural problems through models, drawings and verbal communication, always considering and evaluating the design through the end users' perspec­tive, by narrowing the gap between the imagined and the real, the artistic and the pragmatic.

He is acquainted with local and international projects in architecture and design having worked in Danish and Norwegian firms since he graduated from The Royal Danish Academy School of Architec­ture. Through these architectural practices and his own, James has been working on concept development strategies for competitions and built projects proposals in Norway, Denmark, Italy, France and in Saudi Arabia.