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Art and recreational initiatives in Albertslund South have created an attractive local environment and enhanced the area’s sense of identity


Featured / Urban Space & Planning / Culture & Exercise
year 2011

In the housing complex Albertslund South, an anonymous pedestrian tunnel that felt unsafe has been transformed into an artistic experience that invites passers-by to take a look underground. The glass sculpture “The Kaleidoscope” and other artistic and recreational initiatives have created an attractive local environment and enhanced the area’s sense of identity.

As part of a larger catalogue of ideas for Albertslund South, Rosan Bosch has developed a number of initiatives that contribute to the positive development of this neighbourhood. In close dialogue with the residents, three identity projects were developed that serve as new landmarks in the area. Art has come to play an active role in the urban space, and the recreational initiatives bring the local residents together in new ways.

The “Canal Mountains” form a recreational activity park that brings children and teenagers from the area together by encouraging ballgames, play and physical activity. The activity park has become a natural meeting place in the local area, and the manmade trees and the white cube lend the space a prominent and distinctive identity.

Two striking art and design installations similarly serve as new landmarks in the urban space. A giant glass sculpture shaped as a kaleidoscope has been placed inside a light well for a concrete pedestrian tunnel. Above ground, the colourful glass mosaic serves as a visible light decoration, and below ground, the mosaic creates a beautiful and fascinating play of light on the floors and walls of the tunnel.

A custom-designed poster pillar with luminescent glass panels in a variety of colours is another distinctive landmark in the area. The poster pillar also gives the local residents a place to leave notes and messages for each other.

These works of art have become new landmarks that make it easier to navigate the area. In combination with the recreational initiatives they have transformed areas in Albertslund South that formerly felt unsafe, turning them into positive sites and thus acting as catalysts for positive development in the area.