Copenhagen University Hospital

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With a unique interior design solution, Rosan Bosch Studio has improved the working environment at The University Hospital's Heart Center to the benefit of employees and patients alike

Copenhagen University Hospital

Featured / Interior & Identity / Office & Meetingspaces
year 2012

Rosan Bosch Studio has redesigned the Heart Center at Copenhagen University Hospital with the purpose of creating a better working environment and providing an attractive common area for the patients.

Rosan Bosch Studio has used design as a tool to efficiently optimize the functions of the limited space in the personnel areas. Within the same square meters, the redesigned spaces now offer differentiated room for meetings, briefings as well as spaces for focus and concentration.

Using custom designed furniture and innovative interior elements, the design solution comprises a new distribution of work functions in the two "control rooms" of the Heart Center and in the concentration niches, which the employees can withdraw to for shorter periods without being interrupted. Transparent and systematic storage options also give the staff a quick and accurate overview in a fast and hectic work day.

On the basis of an analysis of workflows and general use of the common areas, Rosan Bosch Studio has also developed design solutions at the Heart Center, which creates space for both personnel’s working procedures and the patient’s access to a quiet seating environment, where food and drinks are presented in an attractive and appetizing way.

The design is developed as a prototype with the potential of being implemented at other sections of the hospital. Read more about Rosan Bosch Studio's work at Copenhagen University Hospital here.