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Rosan Bosch Studio has designed an educational proces together with Copenhagen Gaming Collective consisting of two design camps that purposefully guides students through each stage of the design thinking process, resulting in a new learning & afterschool indoor environment at the local library in Herlev


Culture & Exercise
year 2016

The co-creation initiative invited students to take part in the design process and introduced them to a world of creativity and hands-on activities. Crealab is based at Herlev Library and offers young people in Herlev municipality a place to hang out after school.

The Crealab project was based on a user involvement process, allowing students from Kildegårdsskolen to experience first-hand being involved as ‘creators’ of a dynamic learning environment, meeting place and public library, aiming to function as a catalyst for creativity, productivity, development and learning among the younger ages groups in Herlev municipality. Crealab was been created for age groups between 14 – 24 year of age and can be used during classes by the local school or for after school activities. Students’ involvement in the project gave them the opportunity to experience first hand the creative design process as they were invited to take part in creating a Crealab at the public library designed to support and develop social as well as academic skills and promote the desire for learning among teenagers in Herlev municipality.

Two design Camps - The Crealab user involvement process was split into two design camps. Design Camp 1 focused on developing, prototyping and building models of the new learning environment. During Design Camp 2 dreams were realized as students got to experience first hand the realization of the design, in collaboration with local craftsmen and other professionals. 

The development process in Crealab is a fine example of how motivation, hands-on experience and co-creation processes are fundamental to a healthy, inspiring and motivating learning environment very much in tune with Rosan Bosch Studio's ambition to design dynamic and inspiring learning environments that are involving and engaging.