The KR Exhibtion

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How can the multifaceted story of one of Denmark’s greatest inventors and industrialists be communicated through an exhibition?

The KR Exhibtion

Featured / Interior & Identity / Exhibition & Art / Business & Enterprise
year 2017

In order to communicate the vision and mission VKR Holding was founded on and the man himself who founded it, the company decided to create an exhibition that could be used to express and explain these values and the man behind them, to future employees and other relevant stakeholders.

The studio’s approach was no different this time to the other exhibitions our studio has created for the company. We focused on the story, the culture and how to use the exhibition as a tool for communication.

With the VELUX window being KR’s greatest invention, light was a very important aspect of the exhibition. Entering the exhibition you’ll experience an exact replica of KR’s office, as it appeared when he was active in the company.

At the center of the exhibition, visitors will find themselves under the ‘light bulb’ standing on top of a compass showing directions to the different areas of the exhibition - the ‘Engineer’, the ‘Inventor’, the ‘Industrialist’ and the ‘Philanthropist’ – each describing an aspect of the man ‘KR’.

The result is an en exhibition that not only tells the story of Villum Kann Rasmussen but also does it in contemporary surroundings. It’s a symbiosis of old authentic artifacts and a replica of the original office, wrapped in state of the art design work, which displays the artifacts appealingly and engagingly.