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Rosan Bosch has developed an interior design for PreviaSundhed that provides both a stimulating and inspiring working environment


Featured / Interior & Identity / Office & Meetingspaces / Business & Enterprise / Product design
year 2010

In the bright canteen space, the employees eat their lunch in an organic forest, and the common area is designed to facilitate socializing, knowledge sharing and collaboration across section boundaries. PreviaSundhed is in the business of creating healthy working environments for others – now the turn has come to the company’s own employees.

PreviaSundhed specializes in creating healthy working environments with satisfied employees. Now, the company’s own employees have a new incentive to come into work. The new design has created an attractive base that gives the travelling consultants an extra reason to come into work and finish up at the office instead of working at home.

Rosan Bosch has created a bright and open design for PreviaSundhed’s new workspace, where distinctive graphic prints and playful colour accents create a unique identity and atmosphere. Thus, the physical design has become an essential tool for promoting well-being and health in the workplace.

The bright canteen space with the adjacent kitchen is designed as an organic forest, and the common area features fixed as well as flexible work stations and an organically shaped table that serves as an informal meeting place. In addition, there are three closed offices, a treatment room and a meeting room, where a custom-designed conference table in walnut adds character and a unique ambience.

With the new interior design PreviaSundhed now offers its own employees a healthy and stimula­ting working environment. The new interior strengthens the consultants’ sense of belonging to the main office and thus also promotes the sense of team spirit and more efficient knowledge sharing among the staff.

The physical design and the graphic elements further serve as a visual link between Previa­Sundhed’s main office and its facilities around the country. Together, this improves job satisfaction, knowledge sharing and a shared sense of identity throughout the company.