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Rosan Bosch has in collaboration with the Steno Museum created a unique and artistic design and communication concept for the exhibition "Darling Body, Difficult Body"


Featured / Exhibition & Art
year 2011

Leave an imprint of your naked body in the heat-sensitive lounge, and drop your greatest body-related insecurity into a box to see it attached to a giant human body. The exhibition “Darling body – difficult body” addresses body taboos in a unique and engaging approach aimed at young museum-goers in particular.

For Steno Museum, Rosan Bosch has created the communication platform for the exhibition “Darling body – difficult body”. The exhibition looks at how our surroundings affect our body image and debates issues of insecurity, modesty and tolerance.

With an involving and sensuous design Rosan Bosch has created an exhibition concept that makes the themes of the exhibition meaningful and relevant for the main target group of 11-15-year-olds. The concept revolves around the young people’s own bodies and thus presents the exhibition themes in an engaging and tangible format.

In the heat-sensitive lounge, for example, visitors can leave an impression of their own naked body, while an interactive dressing room highlights issues of taboos and modesty with an artistic approach to communication and scenography. In the installation “Honestly”, one can drop one’s greatest body-related insecurity in a box to see it added to a giant human body along with other people’s insecurities; the installation illustrates that none of us is alone with our concern and body issues. 

“Darling body – difficult body” is an exhibition that combines art, communication and scenography to make the understanding of the difficult body an artistic and sensuous experience.