The VELUX Foundations

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How do you develop a future-proof exhibition design that communicates the diversity of grant areas supported by the VELUX Foundations?

The VELUX Foundations

Featured / Interior & Identity / Exhibition & Art / Office & Meetingspaces / Business & Enterprise
year 2017

To mark the 75th anniversary of the Villum Foundation & Velux Foundation, Rosan Bosch Studio was requested to develop an innovative communication strategy and experience design for the welcome area at the two foundations’ joint secretariat building in Søborg.

Rosan Bosch Studio has developed an integrated communication and exhibition strategy, based on the crystal’s idiom that illustrate the identity of the two foundations and their role as non-profit foundations. The design creates transparency by highlighting the foundations’ grant areas, supported projects, relevant artifacts and the complex issues supported in Denmark and around the world.

The new welcome area sets the framework for a positive and inviting experience as visitors, staff and board members arrive at the secretariat building. Spacious areas integrated into the exhibition on the first floor have created an inviting and differentiated work environment that can be used by management and employees for in-house meetings, as well as an engaging setting for client meetings.

An engaging lighting strategy and graphic design concept ties together the arrival area on the ground floor with the welcome area on the first floor. The strategy conveys the narrative about VELUX as ‘daylight engineers’ and creates an inspiring framework for storytelling that both incorporate the history of the foundations, the company and the building.