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Rosan Bosch Studio has designed an educational proces together with Copenhagen Gaming Collective consisting of two design camps that purposefully guides students through each stage of the design thinking process, resulting in a new learning & aft


Art and recreational initiatives in Albertslund South have created an attractive local environment and enhanced the area’s sense of identity


Free Zone is a playful exhibition concept that sparks debate and challenges social and cultural conventions. So far, Free Zone has visited Gothenburg, Budapest, Copenhagen, Istanbul and New York

Skåde Skole

With a focus on play and exercise, Rosan Bosch has created an Activity Park by Skåde School in Århus that combines play, sports and imagination and which presents a range of new means for exercise and display – in a fun and challenging way
MediaSpace / Illustration: schmidt hammer lassen


The proposal describes a visionary project that creates the perfect setting for the future meeting place for the city and its citizens, setting new standards for libraries

The Red Line

The interactive art project, The Red Line, was a contribution to the quadrenni-al U-turn, drawing a line between Copenhagen and the arts during the exhibition period.


Folketinget Rev. 01 was an exhibition at Vestsjælland’s Art Museum in Sorø, DK, where Rosan Bosch re-thought democracy through a re-design of the Danish Parliament


The art project Gumstrategy is a redesign of the Danish parliament that poses humorous questions concerning what democracy is, and what democracy looks like


Art is an integrated part of Holmehøj, a new residential development in Gundsømagle.
The red mass that flows down the stairs and forms a pool of red rubber in the en

The staircase

For Maison du Danemark, Paris, a challenging project proposal has been created for the entrance and stair case to mark and strengthen the identity of the house as an innovative and cultural centre
The design increases communication and movement in the department / Illustration


For the PDS Department at Novo Nordisk, a project proposal for an innovative working environment has been created, combining functions and processes from the working environment with art
Work shall be carried out in different places / Pictogram: Rosan Bosch & Rune Fj


A living workplace? Yes, because who would prefer a dead one? We spend a large part of our waking hours at work.


'Intelligence' is a piece of sound art that communicates with its audience on new terms - through sound, and through the absence of sound


'Forum' is a sculpture and a communication forum capable of lifting us out of our usual environment and our everyday lives