Copenhagen University Hospital Heart Centre

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Customized furniture and interior design improves employee well-being at Copenhagen University Hospital Heart Centre

Copenhagen University Hospital Heart Centre

Featured / Interior & Identity / Office & Meetingspaces
year 2015

Breaks are highly necessary during an intensive workday at Copenhagen University Hospital Heart Centre, where patients with lung and heart decease are being treated 24 hours a day. Breaks set the stage for informal and interdepartmental knowledge sharing between professionals, being a necessary prerequisite for optimal collaboration and performance at the clinic.

Based on a study of the day-cycle in the common room, Rosan Bosch Studio has created a new interior design and a reorganization of the main facilities, which creates the right framework for an aesthetical and socially welcoming milieu, which strengthens the room’s multiple functions. The design creates an ideal setting for social and professional meetings across disciplines, short rests in between operations or longer breaks, teaching and larger departmental functions. 

The common room at Thoraxanæstesiologisk Clinic has had a multifunctional purpose, with differentiated activities and use, such as breaks, meeting activities and phone calls often happening at the same time, making it difficult to make optimal use of the room. The employees have had to struggle with limited view, clutter, a lack of storage space, little or no place to rest during operations and bottleneck-situations during rush-hours in the 44 m2 common room. 

The new design has created a number of differentiated types of spaces, which can accommodate changing user-needs across the day-cycle. The new common room can accommodate up to 46 seated persons during larger meetings and a partitioning wall has made it possible for the room to function as both a meeting room and a place for rest, combined. At the same time niches now make it possible for employees to get a proper rest in between operations, while other employees attend departmental meetings.

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