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Floor plan / Rosan Bosch Studio
Floor plan / Rosan Bosch Studio
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Floor plan / Rosan Bosch Studio
Floor plan / Rosan Bosch Studio
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Rosan Bosch has created a unique design concept for the Danish car leasing company LeasePlan. The new design helps LeasePlan brand its values and offers an inspiring environment for customers and emplyees alike.


Featured / Interior & Identity / Office & Meetingspaces / Business & Enterprise
year 2012

LeasePlan is a key player on the Danish car leasing market. Now the company has a physical design that equals it's market share. Rosan Bosch Studio has transformed LeasePlan’s values into a physical design that highlights customer care and optimizes the daily workflows.

In LeasePlan's new showroom an open reception desk welcomes the customer with a clear message: Here, the costomer is the centre of attention - not the car. The colors of the company’s logo is reflected in the interior design and create a beautiful and exclusive framework for the showroom.

Rosan Bosch's design for LeasePlan's new headquarters focuses on the meeting and communication with the customer as well as the values that characterize the company. This applies, not just to customer facilities, but also to the administrative buildings.

With graphic identity, custom-designed meeting facilities and welcoming common areas, a bridge between showroom and office areas is created. The office areas convey the same engaging experience for the staff as a showroom does for the customers. In this way, the development and design project gathers the aims of LeasePlan to prioritize the best customer experience while at the same time creating a better workplace for the employees.