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Who said that it is boring to do your shopping in a shopping mall? Rosan Bosch has used artistic and creative devices to transform an arcade in the Copenhagen shopping centre Field’s


Featured / Interior & Identity / Business & Enterprise
year 2010

Field’s Hi’Street offers a completely new shopping experience. This area in the Copenhagen shopping centre Field’s has been transformed from an anonymous arcade to a creative oasis with inviting seating furniture, visual accents and quirky experiences.

Previously, Field’s Hi’Street was a less popular section of the large shopping centre, as it was somewhat tucked away in a corner. Today, this arcade is more likely to be the first stop than the last on a tour of the centre. Rosan Bosch has used artistic and creative devices to transform the arcade and make it an attractive destination with a high-profile identity.

Audio installations, challenging conversation furniture, a street art wall and a lounge area: Field’s new Hi’Street is unlike anything one would expect to find in a shopping centre. That makes it a must-see secret gem – an exclusive and inspiring oasis with a creative feel that offers surprising experiences.

The recurring green structures lend the arcade a striking visual character. The design makes the most of the spatial qualities of the arcade, and the structure serves as an attraction in its own right and an aesthetic eye-catching device. It piques the curiosity of Field’s customers and makes them want to take a closer look.

Field’s Hi’Street is a mix of fashion, art and design – an alternative urban space that turns shopping into a sensuous and stimulating experience.