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Copenhagen University Hospital Heart Centre

Customized furniture and interior design improves employee well-being at Copenhagen University Hospital Heart Centre

Exhibition opens about healthcare environments on the Faroe Islands

Focus is applied to the strategic design of healthcare environments in a new exhibition with the underlying message that 'design can heal'

Hospital design meeting patient needs

Art, design and architecture is a part of the therapeutic strategy at Landssjúkrahúsið
The Cafe

Kolding New Library

Rosan Bosch Studio has created an innovative learning environment based on a unique communication concept for the New Library in Kolding that transforms the library into a cultural incubator for the region

New hospital fit out on the Faroe Islands (Work in progress)

The local builder LANDSVERK is looking to build a new state of the art 10.000 m2 hospital building as part of ambitious expansion plans for the main hospital in Tórshavn on the Faroe Islands

VIA University Campus Viborg

New common areas blur the lines between formal education and social learning at Campus Viborg
Green Screen / Photo: Kim Wendt

Bornholms Efterskole

The Danish free school Bornholms Efterskole is a pioneer of digital and project based education. Now, the school has an equally innovative interior design
A class room has been opened up and became part of the open corridor and learning environment / Photo: Kim Wendt

Campus Gentofte

What is the best place for a motivating study environment? The basement, of course! At Campus Gentofte, the most unlikely of places has been turned into the most inspiring area for teachers and students.
High table in the Green Control Room / Photo: Kim Wendt

Copenhagen University Hospital

With a unique interior design solution, Rosan Bosch Studio has improved the working environment at The University Hospital's Heart Center to the benefit of employees and patients alike
Meeting space / Photo: Kim Wendt


Rosan Bosch has created a unique design concept for the Danish car leasing company LeasePlan. The new design helps LeasePlan brand its values and offers an inspiring environment for customers and emplyees alike.
Podium / Photo: Kim Wendt

Vittra School Brotorp

Multifunctional learning spaces, colorful interiors and small niches for concentration and contemplation. Rosan Bosch Studio has created an immaginative design for the newly built Vittra school Brotorp in Stockholm
Bispebjerg District Lab / Illustration: Rosan Bosch Studio

Bispebjerg District Lab

A laboratory does not have to contain test tubes, microscopes or lab coats. In Bispebjerg, the new district lab invites local residents to be actively engaged in the development of their local area.
The Green Offshore Center / Illustration: VTI Vistech

Green Offshore Center

Green Offshore Center is a new initiative aimed at promoting the export of green energy solutions. Rosan Bosch has developed a design proposal that will help put the Center on the world map as a beacon of green growth and exports
Multicultural Centre Sønderborg / Illustration: VTI-Vistech

Multicultural Centre Sønderborg

A new multiculture centre in the Northern Harbour of the Danish town of Sønderborg will bring several cultural institutions and organizations together under one roof.
The lock: puts questions about the body on the agenda. / Photo: Laura Stamer


Rosan Bosch has in collaboration with the Steno Museum created a unique and artistic design and communication concept for the exhibition "Darling Body, Difficult Body"
Caféens røde skov / Foto: Kim Wendt


Rosan Bosch Studio has developed an interior design for University College Nordjylland, which builds a bridge between academic programs and puts an emphasis on interaction, collaboration and knowledge sharing
Organic sitting island for working with laptops / Photo: Kim Wendt


Vittra Telefonplan in Stockholm has attracted attention from around the world with its imaginative and colorful interior that supports the free school organization's educational methods in a learning environment where the laptop is considered th
Conversation Wave - Fields / Photo: Laura Stamer


Who said that it is boring to do your shopping in a shopping mall? Rosan Bosch has used artistic and creative devices to transform an arcade in the Copenhagen shopping centre Field’s
Walkway with slide / Photo: Anders Sune Berg


Rosan Bosch has created a working environment for LEGO® where development, play and creativity are integrated into the spatial design
Organic meeting table / PreviaSundhed Photo: Laura Stamer


Rosan Bosch has developed an interior design for PreviaSundhed that provides both a stimulating and inspiring working environment
Knowledge center - place for group work / Photo: Anders Sune Berg


Rosan Bosch has developed design proposals for Copenhagen University that intend to serve as an active tool in learning situations and encourage students to spend time on campus outside of lectures
ClimateChange /Photo: Laura Stamer


The meeting landscape, ‘A Platform for Exchange’, served as the heart and core of the climate conference
DesignLab / Photo: Anders Sune Berg


DesignLab provides the IT University in Copenhagen a multifunctional and innovative room that creates a unique base for the department
New information area - the first step in the realisation of the master plan / Ph

Gladsaxe Main Library

In cooperation with Gladsaxe Main Library Rosan Bosch has developed a master plan and design manual that supports the librarys new function as the cities attractive and inspiring knowledge center
Twisted bookshelf / Photo: Laura Stamer


With a new interior design of Hjørring Central Library, Rosan Bosch has created an innovative vision of the library of the future with an emphasis on human interactions, experiences and user involvement
Photo: Laura Stamer


At Copenhagen Properties, the visitors are not held up by the usual reception desk, but welcomed by an interactive art project that encompasses meeting activities.
Area for absorption / Photo: Laura Stamer


At Søgård School Rosan Bosch has transdormed an open hall and common area into a setting for learning and absorption. The setting is composed of a small stylised wood that creates broadness for the individual student as well as for larger groups
Play room / Photo: Laura Stamer


In a preliminary project, based on a workshop with inmates and staff at Vridsløselille, important improvements in the physical setting for the meeting between visiting children and parents in prison have been created
Receptionist on eye level with the visitors / Photo: Anders Sune Berg


By a new design LEGO® has acquired an interior that mirrors the corporate values of the company
Undisturbed phone call in the open office landscape / Photo: Anders Sune Berg


Rosan Bosch has designed a so-called Telephone helmet for the Danish Medicines Agency. Now employees can make phonecalls without disturbance in the open-plan office environment
Photo: Rosan Bosch & Rune Fjord


Two laundries in the building complex Nordhavnsgården, Copenhagen, have been transformed into inspiring and social meeting places for the different residents of the building
Reading Tubes / Photo: Anders Sune Berg


At Ordrup School in Gentofte, Denmark, the traditional school interior design has been replaced with various space for differentiated teaching and creative thinking
A pink kitchen in a shipping crate and a solo crate with a round window / Photo:


For Innovation Lab's new space at the IT University of Copenhagen, a furniture system based on the premise of 'innovation' has been created
The central meeting point of the fair - the grass landscape / Photo: Rosan Bosch


A chair is not just a chair. It is built for someone. For whom? And why?
The tower of Momentum / Photo: Elsje van Ree


Rosan Bosch has created humoristic and powerful aesthetic devices that help bring creative processes in motion and make people take a stand
Photo: Magnesium


Colon: takes its starting point in the daily functions at Coloplast but turns everything upside down. The project creates new conditions for professional, social, and personal spaces in the workplace
’The Mind’ – brainstormroom in MindLab / Photo: Magnesium


In 'MindLab', the rectangular framework of a government ministry meets an elliptic conference room without any corners – and with partition walls with round holes in them
Each employee has contributed with a plant to the common project. The owner is e


SES is a dialogue and decoration project at the Palaces and Properties Agency under the Danish Ministry of Finance