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Glasir – Tórshavn College

With the merger of three youth programs, Glasir – Tórshavn College sets the framework for a school culture full of interdisciplinary meetings.

VELUX Collection

Daylight is at the heart of the VELUX Collection. With the design of the visitor center, we connect the historic collection of skylights with a bright showroom for new window technologies.

The Fensmark School

How can design be used as a tool to improve communication and make the day less stressful at a school for children with autism spectrum syndrome?

The KR Exhibtion

How can the multifaceted story of one of Denmark’s greatest inventors and industrialists be communicated through an exhibition?

The VELUX Foundations

How do you develop a future-proof exhibition design that communicates the diversity of grant areas supported by the VELUX Foundations?


Rosan Bosch Studio has developed a unique interior designed to encourage and support the collaboration and stronger sense of mutual identity between cultural institutions at KulturØen in Middelfart
Mountain cave / Photo: Kim Wendt

Liceo Europa

Liceo Europa leads the way in education for 21st century learners through an innovative new preschool design

Løkken Bibliotek

In the small seaside town Løkken children and adults splash around in waves of play and creativity after the local library opened its doors to a new innovative library designed by Rosan Bosch Studio

The Children's Library in Billund

Learning is child's play at the Children's Library in Billund, where children are invited to walk on the bookshelves

Copenhagen University Hospital Heart Centre

Customized furniture and interior design improves employee well-being at Copenhagen University Hospital Heart Centre

Hospital design meeting patient needs

Art, design and architecture is a part of the therapeutic strategy at Landssjúkrahúsið

The Sheikh Zayed Private Academy

The Sheikh Zayed Private Academy in Abu Dhabi is designed to support different learning styles and 21st century educational skills

VIA University Campus Viborg

New common areas blur the lines between formal education and social learning at Campus Viborg
The Window Magazine


Unique exhibition tells the story of the window as provider of access to light, air and view.


Design manifests values in the physical work environment at Nordic Cryobank

Bornholms Efterskole

The Danish free school Bornholms Efterskole is a pioneer of digital and project based education. Now, the school has an equally innovative interior design

Campus Gentofte

What is the best place for a motivating study environment? The basement, of course! At Campus Gentofte, the most unlikely of places has been turned into the most inspiring area for teachers and students.

Copenhagen University Hospital

With a unique interior design solution, Rosan Bosch Studio has improved the working environment at The University Hospital's Heart Center to the benefit of employees and patients alike


Rosan Bosch has created a unique design concept for the Danish car leasing company LeasePlan. The new design helps LeasePlan brand its values and offers an inspiring environment for customers and emplyees alike.
Mountain / Photo: Kim Wendt

Vittra School Brotorp

Multifunctional learning spaces, colorful interiors and small niches for concentration and contemplation. Rosan Bosch Studio has created an immaginative design for the newly built Vittra school Brotorp in Stockholm
Small cave / Photo: Kim Wendt


Rosan Bosch has created a new inspiring, imaginative and colourful interior for students and teachers at Vittra Södermalm in Stockholm


Art and recreational initiatives in Albertslund South have created an attractive local environment and enhanced the area’s sense of identity


Free Zone is a playful exhibition concept that sparks debate and challenges social and cultural conventions. So far, Free Zone has visited Gothenburg, Budapest, Copenhagen, Istanbul and New York


Rosan Bosch has in collaboration with the Steno Museum created a unique and artistic design and communication concept for the exhibition "Darling Body, Difficult Body"


Rosan Bosch Studio has developed an interior design for University College Nordjylland, which builds a bridge between academic programs and puts an emphasis on interaction, collaboration and knowledge sharing
Photo / Kim Wendt


Vittra Telefonplan in Stockholm has attracted attention from around the world with its imaginative and colorful interior that supports the free school organization's educational methods in a learning environment where the laptop is considered th


Who said that it is boring to do your shopping in a shopping mall? Rosan Bosch has used artistic and creative devices to transform an arcade in the Copenhagen shopping centre Field’s


Rosan Bosch has created a working environment for LEGO® where development, play and creativity are integrated into the spatial design


Rosan Bosch has developed an interior design for PreviaSundhed that provides both a stimulating and inspiring working environment

Skåde Skole

With a focus on play and exercise, Rosan Bosch has created an Activity Park by Skåde School in Århus that combines play, sports and imagination and which presents a range of new means for exercise and display – in a fun and challenging way
The International Criminal Court / Illustration: schmidt hammer lassen architect


The International Criminal Court is an icon of human rights and it is therefore important that it express human values while also communicating authority and respect.


The meeting landscape, ‘A Platform for Exchange’, served as the heart and core of the climate conference


DesignLab provides the IT University in Copenhagen a multifunctional and innovative room that creates a unique base for the department


With a new interior design of Hjørring Central Library, Rosan Bosch has created an innovative vision of the library of the future with an emphasis on human interactions, experiences and user involvement


At Copenhagen Properties, the visitors are not held up by the usual reception desk, but welcomed by an interactive art project that encompasses meeting activities.


A chair is not just a chair. It is built for someone. For whom? And why?
Work shall be carried out in different places / Pictogram: Rosan Bosch & Rune Fj


A living workplace? Yes, because who would prefer a dead one? We spend a large part of our waking hours at work.