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The Fensmark School

How can design be used as a tool to improve communication and make the day less stressful at a school for children with autism spectrum syndrome?

6 design principles workshop

Creativity is the most important currency of the future. Learn how to transform your school into a differentiated learning environment based on Rosan Bosch Studio's '6 Design Principles Workshop' about the design of creative chools
Mountain cave / Photo: Kim Wendt

Liceo Europa

Liceo Europa leads the way in education for 21st century learners through an innovative new preschool design

The Sheikh Zayed Private Academy

The Sheikh Zayed Private Academy in Abu Dhabi is designed to support different learning styles and 21st century educational skills

VIA University Campus Viborg

New common areas blur the lines between formal education and social learning at Campus Viborg

Bornholms Efterskole

The Danish free school Bornholms Efterskole is a pioneer of digital and project based education. Now, the school has an equally innovative interior design

Campus Gentofte

What is the best place for a motivating study environment? The basement, of course! At Campus Gentofte, the most unlikely of places has been turned into the most inspiring area for teachers and students.
Mountain / Photo: Kim Wendt

Vittra School Brotorp

Multifunctional learning spaces, colorful interiors and small niches for concentration and contemplation. Rosan Bosch Studio has created an immaginative design for the newly built Vittra school Brotorp in Stockholm


Rosan Bosch Studio has developed an interior design for University College Nordjylland, which builds a bridge between academic programs and puts an emphasis on interaction, collaboration and knowledge sharing
Photo / Kim Wendt


Vittra Telefonplan in Stockholm has attracted attention from around the world with its imaginative and colorful interior that supports the free school organization's educational methods in a learning environment where the laptop is considered th

Skåde Skole

With a focus on play and exercise, Rosan Bosch has created an Activity Park by Skåde School in Århus that combines play, sports and imagination and which presents a range of new means for exercise and display – in a fun and challenging way
The International Criminal Court / Illustration: schmidt hammer lassen architect


The International Criminal Court is an icon of human rights and it is therefore important that it express human values while also communicating authority and respect.


DesignLab provides the IT University in Copenhagen a multifunctional and innovative room that creates a unique base for the department


With a new interior design of Hjørring Central Library, Rosan Bosch has created an innovative vision of the library of the future with an emphasis on human interactions, experiences and user involvement


At Copenhagen Properties, the visitors are not held up by the usual reception desk, but welcomed by an interactive art project that encompasses meeting activities.


In a preliminary project, based on a workshop with inmates and staff at Vridsløselille, important improvements in the physical setting for the meeting between visiting children and parents in prison have been created


In connection with SHL, an integrated process, interior and design concept has been created, in order to develop and optimise the relation between pedagogy and the physical room.


At Ordrup School in Gentofte, Denmark, the traditional school interior design has been replaced with various space for differentiated teaching and creative thinking


For Innovation Lab's new space at the IT University of Copenhagen, a furniture system based on the premise of 'innovation' has been created